The most accurate sleep tracking — any way you’d like

SleepSpace makes sleep tracking seamless on and offline.

Tracks sleep with any smartphone (iOS or Android)
• Improves sleep with sound, light, & vibration
• Integrates with major wearables (Oura, Whoop, Apple Watch, and more)
SleepSpace Smart Bed for next-level improvement 
Smart alarm clock to awaken in a lighter sleep
New! Circadian optimizer gives your energy peaks



The science of sound, light and vibration

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary using SleepSpace’s smart bedroom technology.  This includes our patented smart sound mask, tones for deeper sleep, vibrations to naturally slow the heart, and integration with smart light bulbs that mimic the sun when your alarm clock sounds in the morning. Our sleep enhancing tools strengthen the circadian rhythm, which is proven to improve sleep quality.

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Sleep programs with simple tasks to create healthy habits

Customized sleep programs backed by our scientifically validated technology. Choose a program tailored to fix your unique sleep challenges.


The value of new types of health data

Using our patented sleep technology, we gather your heart rate, HRV, oxygenation levels, sound in the bedroom, and micro-motions to find your sleep stages and improve your sleep quality.

We use these new types of health data to build your circadian chart and weekly analysis, providing you invaluable feedback for how to maximize your day and night.

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Get live coaching from our trained sleep experts

Choose experts with specialties ranging from:
- Infant sleep
- Staying asleep
- Optimum athletic performance
- Snoring
- Sleep and pain
- Biohacking

Our sleep experts will use the sleep data collected from SleepSpace to create a personalized program designed to increase deep sleep, optimize professional athletes and leading executives, sleep train babies, address snoring, deal with pain during sleep, and give you the latest biohacks on how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

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Discover your sleep animal

Take our 5-minute sleep assessment to get an instant evaluation of the way you are sleeping and discover your sleep animal. This will give you important insights into your sleep and daytime energy. For more accurate feedback, start your free trial on Android or iPhone.

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Circadian optimizer to effectively plan your day

Use your personalized circadian chart to help you get the most out of your days and nights!

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SleepSpace Smart Bed & Phone Charger

Easily track your sleep every night with the SleepSpace Smart Bed Platform. Place your phone in the wireless phone charging cradle and the smart bed measures micro-motions, without touching you.

A better way to charge your phone at night.

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Questions answered by Dr. Snooze

Dr. Snooze™ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot built by leading sleep doctors and scientists to expertly answer your questions. Get answers immediately to better understand and improve your sleep.

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Watch SleepSpace founder Dr. Dan Gartenberg’s TED Talk on deep sleep