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Deeper sleep with a smart sound machine & alarm clock

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary using SleepSpace’s smart bedroom technology. Our smart sound machine adjusts based on your sleep stage to more effectively block noise pollution and lull you into a deep sleep using our proprietary delta wave frequency. Awaken refreshed in the morning with a smart alarm clock that goes off when you are in a lighter stage of sleep - stopping morning brain fog in its tracks. Optionally connect with smart bulbs like LIFX so that your smart alarm clock mimics the sun. 

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Circadian optimizer & tailored programs

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Sleep programs for sleeping better, improving deep sleep, sleep for athletes, falling asleep, staying asleep, snoring, and more

Advanced Sleep Tracking

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SleepSpace Score including time asleep, wake ups, sleep latency, efficiency, and timing.

Deep sleep stimulation

Try our deep sleep stimulation setting to make your sleep more restorative. Our proprietary system modulates sound based on your sleep state to keep you in deep sleep longer. We do this by adjusting your sound machine volume, to more effectively block out noise pollution, and then playing a delta wave frequency during deep sleep to prime this regenerative brainwave. Use deep sleep stimulation and wake up refreshed! Read our Deep Sleep Guide for our top tips!

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Our top sleep coaches are specialized in all aspects of sleep including snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, weight loss, and much more

Get live coaching from our trained sleep experts

Choose experts with specialties ranging from:
- Infant sleep                   - Narcolepsy
- Staying asleep               - Menopause
- Athletic performance   - Snoring 
- Bulletproof mind          - Shiftwork
- Sleep and pain              - Breathwork
- Biohacking                     - Jetlag 
- Executive coaching       - Nightmares

Our sleep experts will use the sleep data collected from SleepSpace to create a personalized program designed to increase deep sleep, optimize professional athletes and leading executives, sleep train babies, address snoring, deal with pain during sleep, and give you the latest biohacks on how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

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Dr. Snooze AI Chatbot provides you with 24/7 sleep support to address morning brain fog and connect you with a sleep coach who can solve your sleep problemsDr. Snooze AI chatbot that provides tailored solutions to improve sleep health based on your unique sleep patterns.

Answers from Dr. Snooze AI

Dr. Snooze™ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot built by leading sleep doctors and scientists to expertly answer your questions. Get answers immediately to better understand and improve your sleep. When you subscribe you will receive 24/7 support for any sleep challenge you are facing.

It's like a sleep coach in your pocket! 

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Get your circadian rhythm each day to identify your morning peak, afternoon dip, afternoon peak, and other bodily rhythms

Improve workplace productivity

Use your personalized circadian chart to help you get the most out of your days and nights. Do you work for a company with 50 or more employees? You then qualify to get discounted SleepSpace for everyone on your team. 50% of Fortune 500 companies now have some form of sleep solution for their workers to reduce sick days, solve problems faster, and boost productivity.

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The First Sleep Tracker that Charges Your Phone & Blocks EMFs

Track your sleep and improve your sleep without having to wear anything. The SleepSpace Smart Bed Platform uses your phone to track sleep by detecting sounds and micro-motions. SleepSpace then enhance sleep using the science of sound. Place your phone in the wireless phone charging cradle that reflects back radiation, like EMF frequencies, using its proprietary aluminum case. Meanwhile, sounds in the room adjust based on your sleep state. For sleep partners, the technology works best when it is located on either side of the bed to precisely deliver deep sleep stimulating frequencies.  

It's a smarter way to charge your phone

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Real-life picture of the SleepSpace Smart Bed and Phone charger playing smart sounds.
The SleepSpace Smart Bed changing the light in a room to purple automatically at the wind down time.
A constructed SleepSpace Smart Bed with the phone charger included.

Discover your sleep animal

Take our 5-minute sleep assessment to get an instant evaluation of the way you are sleeping and discover your sleep animal. This will give you important insights into your sleep and daytime energy. For more accurate feedback, start your free trial on Android or iPhone.

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Discover your sleep animal, are you a work horse, night owl, morning lark, dolphin or other type of sleeper?

"If you get one sleep app in 2023, make it SleepSpace. We use it in our Sleep Challenge because of its ability to connect all major wearables and use smart sounds to enhance sleep."

CEO of Bulletproof
Father of Biohacking
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"SleepSpace is the best app out there for helping people sleep better."

Lead Health Psychologist
Kaiser Permanente


Ben Greenfield's testimonial about SleepSpace: "I love SleepSpace because of its holistic approach to sleep health. I've often recommended yoga nidra as one of the best sleep hacks and red light exposure with dim lighting at night time. The smart sound machine and integration with all major wearables makes this a must have solution for your sleep health."

"I love SleepSpace because of its holistic approach to sleep health. I've often recommended yoga nidra as one of the best sleep hacks and red light exposure with dim lighting at night time.  The smart sound machine and integration with all major wearables makes this a must have solution for your sleep health."

Ben Greenfield, MA
Exercise Physiology
NYT Bestselling author, triathlete, and entrepreneur


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