The most accurate sleep tracking — any way you like

Finally go beyond tracking and improve your sleep quality

• Improves sleep with sound, light, & vibration
• Includes deep sleep stimulation sounds
Tracks sleep with any smartphone (no wearable needed)
• Works with wearables (Oura, Whoop, Apple Watch, & more)
SleepSpace Smart Bed for next-level improvement 
Smart alarm clock to awaken in a lighter sleep
Relaxations and meditations to calm a racing mind
• Works in offline mode to reduce EMF exposure
New! Circadian optimizer gives your energy peaks



The science of sound, light and vibration

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary using SleepSpace’s smart bedroom technology.  This includes our patented smart sound mask, tones for deeper sleep, and vibrations to naturally slow the heart. Integrate with smart light bulbs that mimic the sun when your alarm clock sounds in the morning. Our sleep enhancing tools strengthen your circadian health, which is proven to improve sleep quality.

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Circadian optimizer and tailored programs

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The value of new types of health data

Using our patented sleep technology, we gather your heart rate, HRV, oxygenation levels, sound in the bedroom, and micro-motions to find your sleep stages and improve your sleep quality.

We use these new types of health data to build your circadian chart and weekly analysis, providing you invaluable feedback for how to maximize your day and night.

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Deep sleep stimulation

Try our deep sleep stimulation setting to make your sleep more restorative. Our proprietary system modulates sound based on your sleep state to keep you in deep sleep longer. We do this by adjusting your sound machine volume, to more effectively block out noise pollution, and then playing a delta wave frequency during deep sleep to prime this regenerative brainwave. Use deep sleep stimulation and wake up refreshed! Read our Deep Sleep Guide for our top tips!

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Get live coaching from our trained sleep experts

Choose experts with specialties ranging from:
- Infant sleep                   - Narcolepsy
- Staying asleep               - Menopause
- Athletic performance   - Snoring 
- Bulletproof mind          - Shiftwork
- Sleep and pain              - Breathwork
- Biohacking                     - Jetlag 
- Executive coaching       - Nightmares

Our sleep experts will use the sleep data collected from SleepSpace to create a personalized program designed to increase deep sleep, optimize professional athletes and leading executives, sleep train babies, address snoring, deal with pain during sleep, and give you the latest biohacks on how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

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Answers from Dr. Snooze AI

Dr. Snooze™ is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot built by leading sleep doctors and scientists to expertly answer your questions. Get answers immediately to better understand and improve your sleep. When you subscribe you will receive 24/7 support for any sleep challenge you are facing.

It's like a sleep coach in your pocket! 

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Improve workplace productivity

Use your personalized circadian chart to help you get the most out of your days and nights. Do you work for a company with 50 or more employees? You then qualify to get discounted SleepSpace for everyone on your team. 50% of Fortune 500 companies now have some form of sleep solution for their workers to reduce sick days, solve problems faster, and boost productivity.

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The First Sleep Tracker that Charges Your Phone and Blocks EMFs

Track your sleep without having to wear anything, while also improving your sleep quality. The SleepSpace Smart Bed Platform measures sounds and micro-motions to track sleep and snoring. SleepSpace then enhance your sleep using the science of sound. Place your phone in the wireless phone charging cradle that reflects back radiation (i.e. electromagnetic frequencies) using its proprietary aluminum case. Meanwhile, sounds in the room adjust based on your sleep state. For sleep partners, the technology works best when it is located on either side of the bed to precisely deliver deep sleep stimulating frequencies.  

A smarter way to charge your phone at night.

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Discover your sleep animal

Take our 5-minute sleep assessment to get an instant evaluation of the way you are sleeping and discover your sleep animal. This will give you important insights into your sleep and daytime energy. For more accurate feedback, start your free trial on Android or iPhone.

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"If you get one sleep app in 2023, make it SleepSpace. We use it in our Sleep Challenge because of its ability to connect all major wearables and use smart sounds to enhance sleep."

CEO of Bulletproof
Father of Biohacking
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"SleepSpace is the best app out there for helping people sleep better."

Lead Health Psychologist
Kaiser Permanente



"I love SleepSpace because of its holistic approach to sleep health. I've often recommended yoga nidra as one of the best sleep hacks and red light exposure with dim lighting at night time.  The smart sound machine and integration with all major wearables makes this a must have solution for your sleep health."

Ben Greenfield, MA
Exercise Physiology
NYT Bestselling author, triathlete, and entrepeneur



Watch SleepSpace founder Dr. Dan Gartenberg’s TED Talk on deep sleep with 5 million+ views