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Go beyond tracking and upgrade your sleep health. SleepSpace is the only app that can adjust sounds and light based on your sleep stages to improve sleep. Simply place your phone on your nightstand or our patented SleepSpace Smart Bed to measure and improve your sleep. For increased accuracy, SleepSpace can integrate with devices like Apple Watch, Oura, Whoop, Sleep Number, Eight Sleep, Beddit, Garmin, and more.

Fall asleep faster with wind downs, nature sounds, breathing exercises, and the science of light and vibration. Get deeper, regenerative sleep with a smart sound machine designed to increase delta waves. Wake up refreshed in your lightest sleep cycle with our patented gentle wake alarm clock.

SleepSpace was validated as the most accurate Apple Watch sleep stage detection system with $3.5 million in grant awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

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SleepSpace Smart Bed

Easily track your sleep every night with the SleepSpace Smart Bed Platform. Place your phone in the wireless phone charging cradle and the smart bed measures micro-motions, without touching you.

A better way to charge your phone at night.

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Clinician's Dashboard (for sleep specialists)

Improve the effectiveness of your practice, expand your clientele, and increase your recurring revenue with our Clinician's Dashboard. Our sleep platform enables you to better measure sleep and compliance with proven cognitive-behavioral solutions. We built a digital consensus sleep diary that is augmented through integration with major wearables, smart lights, and sound enhancing environments. Set custom reminders on the best time to fill out a sleep diary, get your client to adhere to an ideal schedule, and increase compliance with a relaxation exercise. You have control over the sleep improvement program that you can personalize to your client’s needs. Our system is scientifically validated in peer reviewed journals, developed by a team of PhDs, and supported by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Aging.

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Sleep Coaching

Our sleep experts will use the sleep data collected from SleepSpace to create a personalized program designed to increase deep sleep, optimize professional athletes and leading executives, sleep train babies, address snoring, deal with pain during sleep, and give you the latest biohacks on how to fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

Choose experts with specialties ranging from:
- Infant sleep
- Staying asleep
- Optimum athletic performance
- Snoring
- Sleep and pain
- Biohacking

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Sleep technology testing and research

SleepSpace is your partner in sleep research. We have teamed up with the National Institute of Aging, Penn State, and the University of Arizona to create the most accurate and accessible at-home sleep measurement technologies. Our primary interest is using wearable and nearables to evaluate sleep. By accurately measuring sleep, we can figure out the most effective ways to improve people's sleep and share our findings with the world.

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