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Dr. Snooze™ is an Artificially Intelligent (AI) chatbot built by leading Sleep Doctors, Scientists and Technicians to expertly answer your questions. Ask questions and get answers immediately on how to best improve your sleep. Dr. Snooze is like having a sleep coach in your pocket. Almost every sleep challenge can be addressed with Dr. Snooze and our team of coaches. Here are our frequently asked questions answered by Dr. Snooze.

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Dr. Snooze FAQs

How can I fall asleep easier?  

Winding down is key to easing your mind. Replace TV and listen to a SleepSpace bedtime story or meditation 20 minutes before sleep. 

How do I get deeper sleep?
Routines are critical to optimizing your sleep. Set routines for bedtime, meals, exercise, and mornings! Premium members can chat with a sleep coach to set a personalized routine. 

Can I use my wearable device with SleepSpace?
Yes! Apple watch, Oura ring, Garmin, Biostrap, Beddit, Withings, Eight Mattress and more are wearables compatible with SleepSpace. SleepSpace can also work without a wearable, either by using the SleepSpace Smart Bed, placing your phone on your bed, or placing your phone on your nightstand (less accurate). Click here for more information

Can I speak to a SleepSpace coach?
When you sign-up for a premium membership, you have access to converse directly with our sleep coaches where you will get personalized sleep assistance! Or you can speak to our live coaches in a video chat

How do I stay asleep throughout the night?
SleepSpace has many meditation and breathwork exercises that you can utilize when you are unable to fall back asleep. 

Can I try out SleepSpace before purchasing a premium membership?
Yes! We have a 7-day free trial you can use to see if SleepSpace is the right fit for you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you purchased your subscription via Apple App Store:

1. Open the Settings app
2. Tap your name (top of the screen)
3. Tap “subscriptions”
4. Select SleepSpace subscription
5. Tap “cancel subscription” to disable it from auto-renewing at the end of the current billing cycle

If you purchased your subscription via Google Play Store:

1. Open Google Play store
2. Click the icon of your photo or name on the search bar
3. Click the payment and subscription tab
4. Click subscriptions
5. Click SleepSpace
6. Click cancel subscription

If you purchased your subscription via Our Website:

1. Login here
2. Navigate to "My Profile"
3. Click subscription
4. Click unsubscribe