5 Ways to Track Your Sleep

Wearables, Nearables, and the Consensus Sleep Diary

SleepSpace is a sleep operating system because it can track your sleep in many different ways. We just introduced a new algorithm for more accurately measuring sleep using only the sensors of your phone. We call this technology 'nearable' sleep sensing. But simply tracking sleep is a thing of the past. We built SleepSpace to enhance your sleep. Now you can simply place your phone on your mattress and our patented smart sound machine will adjust sounds based on your sleep cycles in order to increase regenerative deep sleep. 


The most accurate way to measure sleep is with a wearable because heart rate is needed to precisely predict sleep stages. That's why SleepSpace integrates with most wearables (see a full list). Our deep sleep stimulation algorithm works best when you use SleepSpace alongside an Apple Watch. Don't have an Apple Watch? No problem! Read on to find another sleep enhancing solution that works for you.


The smart bed is another extremely accurate way of enhancing sleep, that is slightly less accurate than a wearable. But it has many other advantages, such as putting your phone away from you at night, charging your phone, and more precisely playing deep sleep stimulation sounds. It more precisely plays these sounds because the phone speaker is located in the same place every night and we developed a patented phone-based algorithm that picks up on micro-motions through your mattress in order to determine the right time and volume for playing the adaptive sounds. 

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3. (NEW) Place your phone on your mattress

Now you can simply place your phone on your mattress to accurately measure and enhance your sleep. No extra gizmos or sensors are required. While this is slightly more invasive than the smart bed, and could be less accurate at enhancing sleep with sounds, it is still one of the most precise ways to measure sleep available on the market. 


4. Place your phone on your bedside table

Do you find it difficult to not use your phone at night, but don't want to purchase the smart bed? Then we recommend placing your phone on a nightstand that is out of reach. Your sleep will not be measured as accurately as the other methods, but you will still receive the regenerative power of our wind down, smart sleep, and wake up experience. We recommend not enabling the deep sleep stimulation functionality when you are using SleepSpace on a bedside table. 


How you perceive your sleep is actually one of the most accurate ways to evaluate your sleep. That's why we built a digital version of the consensus sleep diary. This method of measuring your sleep is particularly helpful if you have problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Also, the sleep diary can be used alongside the other sleep tracking methods. 

Concerned about your phone disrupting your sleep and EMFs? That's why we built SleepSpace to work completely offline!