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SleepSpace can improve the effectiveness of your practice, expand your clientele, and increase your recurring revenue. Our sleep platform enables you to better measure sleep and compliance with proven cognitive-behavioral solutions. We built a digital consensus sleep diary that is augmented through integration with major wearables, smart lights, and sound enhancing environments. Set custom reminders on the best time to fill out a sleep diary, get your client to adhere to an ideal schedule, and increase compliance with a relaxation exercise. You have control over the sleep improvement program that you can personalize to your client’s needs. SleepSpace technology was developed in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Taylor, Professor at the University of Arizona, and Dr. Orfeu Buxton, Professor at Penn State, through funding from the National Institute of Aging. The sleep detection algorithms found in SleepSpace were validated in peer reviewed journals. You can learn more about our sleep science and philosophy here. We are currently running a clinical trial demonstrating the efficacy of the platform (learn more here). 

What you get: 

• Ability to view data from wearables and the consensus sleep diary 
• Ability to add and manage the progress of clients on a web-based dashboard
• A special link that will unlock SleepSpace for a 30-day free trial to all your clients 
• A yearly subscription to SleepSpace
• Optional mentions on our website and email campaigns

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Consensus Sleep Diary and Clinicians dashboard

Add and view your client's aggregated sleep data from the consensus sleep diary, a wearable, or any smart phone. Have access to detailed metrics such as heart rate, phone motion, wrist motion, HRV, pulse oxygenation and sound in room. You can gain insights around how factors like snoring, breathing, phone addition, or noises in the room may be impacting a sleep. 


1-year subscription to SleepSpace

Becoming a Sleep Specialist also provides you with a 1-subscription to use SleepSpace for yourself (valued at $49.99, including:

- An instant analysis of your sleep

- Accurate sleep tracking with any smart phone or wearable

- Personalized sleep programs

- Sounds for relaxation & deeper sleep

- Smart bedroom set-up

- Tips from Dr. Snooze, our AI chatbot

- Access to a 42 day sleep improvement program

- To address orthosomnia, users can set SleepSpace to diary focus mode where sleep efficiency is emphasized and users complete a sleep diary before viewing their wearable or nearable data. 


By clicking "Register Today" you confirm that you have read the Provider Terms of Use and the Provider Privacy Policy

Register Today (only $99 / year for a limited time