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SleepSpace was validated to augment conventional CBT-I in a Randomized Controlled Trial (RTC) conducted by Penn State University and the University of Arizona (learn more).

The toolkit includes an easy to use consensus sleep diary and a web dashboard to monitor your client's progress

Improve adherence to filling out the diary and adhering to sleep schedules with customizable reminders. 

Get your clients access to proven relaxation exercises included in the Android or iPhone app. You have control over the sleep improvement program so that you can personalize interventions based on your client’s needs.

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All the components of the SleepSpace platform that include the web portal, phone app, and integration with wearables.

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Pricing: $199 / year

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Features List

✔️ View data from the consensus sleep diary and wearables
✔️ 6-week program based on CBT-I
✔️ Relaxation exercises for your clients
✔️ Exposure for your practice on our website and email campaigns
✔️ Create your own sleep program 
✔️ Clients get resources on stimulus control, relaxation, sleep hygiene, and 24/7 assistance from a chatbot
✔️ Clients get meditations, smart alarm clock, option to integrate with smart light bulbs, custom wind downs, and more

An example of using SleepSpace to play Brownian Noise, also known as Brown Noise, which has been shown to help with focus.

Consensus Sleep Diary and Clinicians Dashboard

Add and view your client's aggregated sleep data from the consensus sleep diary, a wearable, or any smartphone. Access detailed metrics such as heart rate, phone motion, wrist motion, HRV, pulse oxygenation and sound in the room. Gain insights about factors like snoring, breathing, phone addiction, or noises that can impact sleep. The below images illustrate other types of sleep data you can see from your clientele. SleepSpace metrics on sleep onset latency, wake after sleep onset (WASO), sleep efficiency, and more. 


Benefits of the Sleep Diary

✔️ Faster access to care
✔️ Secure patient owned data
✔️ Usable dashboard that can be accessed by both clients and practitioners
✔️ Optional ability to track with Apple Watch, Oura Ring, Whoop, Biostrap, Dreem Rhythm, the SleepSpace Smart Bed, and more. 

Addressing Orthosomnia

To address orthosomnia, users can set SleepSpace to diary focus mode. In diary focus mode, sleep efficiency is emphasized, and a sleep diary is entered before wearable or nearable data can be viewed. As a result, the perceptions of sleep are emphasized over the output of the sleep tracking devices. Read more about a detailed description of how SleepSpace addresses orthosomnia. 


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sleep programs and diary information with tasks

Available for iPhone, Android, and the Web, SleepSpace is the most advanced tracking and sleep improvement system on the market. Make your practice more efficient and effective while increasing your reach. 

"SleepSpace was simple and effective. Now all my clients are using it and I couldn't be happier"Dr. Kevin Handley
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