Sunset Wind Down & Sunrise Wake Up 

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Get a Smart Light Bulb

Wake up with the sun

Smart Light Features
✔️ Sunrise wake up
✔️ Awaken in lighter sleep
✔️ Sunset wind down
✔️ Set lights to any color
✔️ Save money on electricity
✔️ Works in any light fixture
✔️ Proven to help with sleep

Includes a 1-year subscription to SleepSpace 

SleepSpace Smart Bulb
LIFX smart bulbs that integrate with SleepSpace to turn your bedroom environment any color you want
Benefits of Smart Light Bulbs

Tutorial of LIFX Integration 

How it works

Dr. Dan Gartenberg, CEO of SleepSpace describes how to sync the LIFX smart bulbs with SleepSpace in order to adjust colors and seamlessly create regenerative wind down and wake up experiences. 

Set your smart lights once and unlock the power of light in your sleep environment. 

SleepSpace Smart Wake Up Alarm Clock Screenshots and The Ability to Adjust the duration of the wake up window

Gradual Wake Up

How to do it

Set your smart wake window anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes. This awakens you in a lighter sleep stage during this window. The light bulb ramps up from red to bright white, just like a morning sunrise. At night, when you start a sleep journey, the lights turn a dim red hue. Unlike blue light, red light results in less melatonin suppression, which helps you fall asleep and is proven in many peer reviewed article.

SleepSpace Smart Bulb

AI-Based Sleep Coaching

There are other advanced features of the Smart Alarm that including:

Shake to Snooze: By setting this feature on, you can simply shake your phone to snooze it so you can get back to sleep faster without opening your phone.

Sunrise Wake Up: If you integrate with SleepSpace Smart Bulbs, light can ramp up that emulates a sunrise in the morning. This is how humans have naturally awaken since we began.

Sunset Wind Down: The SleepSpace Smart Bulbs can be programmed to turn all your lights red at your wind down in order to reduce the damaging effects of blue light at night.

Backup Alarm: Always have to wake up at the same time every day? You can set a backup alarm to fire even when SleepSpace is not open.

Vibration Wake: This feature is for Apple Watch users and is designed to awaken you without disturbing your sleep partner.


Soothing Meditations

How it works

Do you have a meditation practice? 

It is recommended to augment that practice with the right lighting in your relaxation environment. This is especially important if you wake up in the middle of the night and try to meditate. One of the main recommendations from the proven treatment of cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is to get out of bed to meditate when you can't sleep for 15 minutes or more. When you do this, your lights should be as dim and as red as possible. 

SleepSpace Smart Bulb
Diagram of a typical circadian rhythm that includes time on the x-axis and energy on the y-axis and that is broken up into five segments: 1) Wake Up Window, 2) First Peak, 3) Midday Dip (siesta), 4) Second Peak, and 5 Evening Wind Down

Circadian Optimization

How to do it

SleepSpace will analyze your circadian rhythm. You can get notified about when is best for you to wake up, wind down, and take an afternoon siesta. Your smart light can be programmed to entrain your naturally occurring circadian rhythm. We call this circadian optimization

A stronger circadian rhythm, augmented by smart light, means a deeper night of sleep.

Gradual wake up and wind down experiences with light improved perceived sleep quality in a study conducted with LIFX smart bulbs and google.

Backed by science

Improves sleep by 5%

We worked with LIFX Smart Bulbs and Google Home to see what the effect of smart lights were on perceived sleep quality. Compared to a sham light experience, we found that gradually dimming lights at night and brightening lights in the morning improved sleep. These improvements averaged about 5% across all people, with more than a 15% improvement for some individuals.   

You can find details about the sleep study we did with LIFX and Google here!

SleepSpace Smart Bulb