Getting started with SleepSpace in 3 simple steps



The Today screen is your guide for how to optimize your day and night. Your circadian optimizer (estimated alertness) is at the top of the screen. This is based on how much you slept and when you slept. If you have no sleep data from last night, complete your sleep diary to get your circadian optimizer graph.

Follow the tasks of your sleep program shown below your circadian chart. These tasks help you stick to your wind down and bedtime routine- a key part of sleeping better. You will receive a different Sleep Course task every day for 6-weeks that is designed to improve your sleep.



Toggle to the Sleep tab (the moon icon) to start your Sleep Journey before bed. Adjust your sound, light, and alarm clock settings by tapping on the edit button or tap the time to change the alarm. Customize your wind down duration, sound mask noise, and our proprietary deep sleep stimulation feature. If you use our smart alarm clock, you can set it to awaken you gradually, in a lighter sleep stage, and to snooze by simply shaking your phone. Select the <Start Sleep Journey> button when you are ready to start your wind down or go to bed. 



At your bedtime SleepSpace can track your sleep in several ways:

Wearable device
If you are using an Apple Watch, Oura Ring, Whoop, Garmin, or almost any other major wearable (see the full list of compatible devices) SleepSpace can integrate with these devices. To integrate with other wearables and apps, you must grant SleepSpace and these other apps access to your Apple Health or Google Fit. 

iPhone or Android phone (no device needed)
Simply start your sleep session and place your device on your nightstand, screen down. Alternatively, for improved accuracy, you can place the phone on the foot of your bed (learn more). You can also enter more information about your sleep in the morning with our clinically backed sleep diary.

SleepSpace Smart Bed
Track your sleep more accurately using our patented SleepSpace Smart Bed. The smart bed measures micro-motions through your mattress and sounds in the room to track your sleep without touching you. The Smart Bed charges your phone and keeps your device out of sight, helping to avoid those late night scrolling sessions.

Get the SleepSpace Smart Bed