Smart Sound Machine

Reduced Sound Disruptions with Our Advanced Technology for a Deeper Night of Sleep

Proven sound mask technology

SleepSpace includes soothing music and sounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. We created high quality sounds, such as the SleepSpace Dynamic Pink Noise, that are designed to relax the mind after a long stressful day and put you in the right mindset for sleep. Such rituals can reduce how long it takes you to fall to sleep because your brain can associate certain music or particular sounds to falling asleep. This is known as stimulus control therapy, or more broadly, classical conditioning, where a stimulus can act as a trigger to induce a behavior.

Our sound landscapes, which we call a “Sleep Journey” also blocks out noise pollution while you sleep to make your sleep more regenerative. Noise pollution can often wake you up during the night with or without conscious awareness of these sleep disruptions.  Our unique pink noise and white noise fan sound are designed to block out more frequencies of sound than your typical fan noise or white noise. But we also include these types of sounds, along with a fan noise, which people often find soothing. Sleep with a snoring partner that disturbs your sleep? The Snore Mask may be particularly useful.


(left) Selecting the sound mask that is best for you and how to turn on other sleep enhancement features found in SleepSpace. (right) Output from a night of sleep where you can see the fluctuations in the smart sound machine based on the sleep stage.

Smart Sound Machine

SleepSpace is unique in its ability to block out noise pollution at night based on your sleep stage. Here is how it works. SleepSpace detects what stage of sleep you are in every 30 seconds. Once we detect consolidated sleep, we gradually ramp up the smart sound machine to more effectively block out noise pollution. Why do we do this? People have a higher threshold for louder sounds when they are in a deeper stage of sleep. By adjusting the sound mask to be slightly louder when you are asleep, we more effectively block out noise pollution, a common cause of poor sleep quality. In order to activate this feature within SleepSpace, make sure to turn on the Deep Sleep Stimulation option when you edit your Sleep Journey. 

Have tinnitus?

There is some evidence that you can block it out with certain types of white noise exposure during the night, which we include in the app.

Our Sounds

Here is a list of sound machine sounds found in SleepSpace that can help deepen your sleep:

Dynamic Mask, Older Hearing Pink Noise, Pink Noise for Babies, Snore Mask, Tinnitus Pink, White Noise, Brownian Noise, Ocean Waves, Ambient Water, Thunderstorms, Cavern Sound, Nature Ambience, Sleep Fan Sound (click here for a more comprehensive list).