Meet the SleepSpace Coaches

All coaching include a 30-day free trial of SleepSpace. Consult a doctor if you believe you have a medical condition. If you think you have sleep apnea, you can get diagnosed via our collaboration with Ognomy. If you think you have insomnia, you can find a trained therapist here


Dr. Alka Patel

MBBS; MRCGP; DIP.IBLM/BSLM; Certified in Lifestyle Medicine & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Dr Alka Patel will take the mystery out of sleep so you can sleep the way you want: faster, longer, deeper! She is an award-winning speaker and Lifestyle Medicine Specialist with expertise in stress and sleep, specializing in helping leaders and biohackers optimize energy levels.

70 minutes @ $270.00

Meet Alka

Dan Gartenberg, Ph.D.

Ph.D. of psychology with a focus on sleep science, World Renowned Sleep Scientist, Penn State Adjunct Professor

Over three 50min sessions we will delve deep into your unique sleep challenges & demonstrate improvement. Expert in wearables and behavioral interventions. Includes lifetime SleepSpace, a SleepSpace Smart Bed and a detailed analysis of your wearable data. 

50 minutes @ $399.00

Meet Dan

Len Worley, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, MFT, Rolfing Bodyworker, Filmmaker

For those who suffer from intrusive and disturbing dreams, there is hope. Drawing from his book, How to Complete a Nightmare, Dr. Worley coaches you through a four-step process called Nightmare Complete. Len has overcome his own nightmares and has helped hundreds of people with their's.

30 minutes @ $100.00

Meet Len

Teresa DeNike

Certification in Clinical Sleep Health (CCSH)

Teresa DeNike is a certified clinical sleep consultant specializing in reducing snoring and other issues associated with sleep apnea.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Teresa

Anne Trager

Certified Human Potential Coach 

Anne Trager is a Certified Human Potential Coach who resolved her own insomnia with biohacking. She’ll Optimize your sleep over a period of 5 to 6 weeks with Anne Trager.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Anne

Dr. Noreen Nguru

MBBS BSc, Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Mindfulness

Dr. Noreen is an award-winning British doctor, speaker, and wellness and travel consultant specializing in practical solutions for workplace-related sleep disturbances and persistent jet lag. 
50 minutes @ $225.00

Meet Noreen

Olivia Arezzolo

Certificate of Sleep Psychology, Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), Certificate of Fitness III + IV

Fall asleep faster, wake up less and sleep deeper after only ONE session with Australia's 'go-to' guru for sleep.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Olivia

Sam Sadighi

Certified in Brief Behavioral Therapy and Advanced CBT for Insomnia 

Sam Sadihighi is sleep consultant certified in brief behavioral therapy techniques for insomnia, with a concentration on working with adults to sleep training young children or teenagers.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Sam

Angus Buckle

Diploma in Sports Nutrition, >10 years Experience, Sleep & Performance Expert Working with Executives and Athletes

Understand how to increase your energy and performance throughout the day with a holistic approach to your sleep. Make sense of your Oura Ring data.

1 hour @ $250.00

Meet Angus

Thomas Hinton

Sleep Technologist, Certified Health Coach, Certified Sleep Science Coach

Thomas Hinton is a sleep performance coach with 14+ years experience in the sleep medicine field. He works with elite athletes/non-athletes to optimize mental, physical and personal performance

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Thomas

Carolyn Schur

Sleep Health Educator with more than 10 years experience as a sleep consultant in shift-work

Carolyn has expertise working with shift workers and those with delayed sleep phase (night owls) to help with falling asleep and staying asleep.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Carolyn

Kaitlyn Shrum, CCC-SLP, QOM

Certified speech language pathologist specializing in myofunctional training

Kaitlyn provides Buteyko Breathing Method training and myofunctional solutions to improve the resting posture of the oropharynx and reduce snoring.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Kaitlyn

Audrey Wells MD

Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Obesity, and Pediatrics, & Certified Life Coach

Your sleep problems are unique and multi-faceted. You need a comprehensive approach. Dr. Wells is a seasoned sleep medicine physician and professional mindset coach. Her personalized approach targets reliable sleep quality, all-day energy, sharper memory and concentration, and plenty of productivity.

30 minutes @ $250.00

Meet Audrey

Julie Bergfeld

ICF ACC and Certified Human Potential Coach, Nutrition Coach, Yoga Instructor, Tiny Habits Coach

Julie has spent years optimizing her sleep, nutrition and movement patterns so that she can physically and mentally perform at top capacity. Her primary area of focus is mobility: mental, physical and metabolic (i.e. weight loss). The primary pillar of her coaching rests on sleep.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Julie

Mar De Carlo

Sleep Certification The School of Sleep Medicine-Pediatric Sleep Health & Wellness Coach Margaret Moore Stress, Yoga Pre-Post Natal Health Coach

Mar pioneered the first Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Certification Program based on her Holistic Science of Sleep Method. She is the author of Awakening Through Sleep, a transformational and spiritual guide to adult, pregnancy and child sleep.

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Mar

Felix Weinzinger

MA of Sports Science

Felix specializes in finding the right sleep schedule for you and helping you develop a bulletproof mindset. Better sleep is becoming a new status symbol and Felix has helped hundreds of biohackers and athletes optimize their sleep. 

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Felix

Morgan Adams

Institute for Integrative Nutrition, WINK Sleep BBT-I, CSSC Sleep Science Coach

Morgan is a certified health and sleep coach who had her own battle with insomnia and dependence on prescription sleep aids. She has a holistic approach and specializes in helping women in perimenopause & menopause who are struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep.  

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Morgan

Paul Poulos

ICF Certified Human Potential Coach; Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Instructor, HeartMath Institute Stress & Well-Being Provider

Paul is the founder of the Narcolepsy Life Academy and specializes in lifestyle training for people with narcolepsy. With a holistic approach to coaching, he has a deep understanding of the strategies needed to increase energy and enhance motivation. 

50 minutes @ $150.00

Meet Paul

Melissa Markovitz

Wellness Coach and Pilates Instructor, Specializing in Pain Management

Melissa Markovitz BA is a wellness coach, nutritionist, and pilates instructor who specializes in pain management and has solved her own insomnia using cognitive behavioral therapy. 

50 minutes @ $100.00

Meet Melissa