About us

SleepSpace's background and ethos

SleepSpace believes in open science. The sleep revolution begins when we take sleep detection algorithms out of black boxes and share them with the research and clinical world. That is why we teamed up with the National Institute of Aging, Penn State, and the University of Arizona to create new sleep measurement technologies and publish our findings in peer-reviewed journals. Our primary interest is using wearable and nearable sleep technology to accurately measure and enhance sleep. Once we detect sleep stage, our proprietary technology is designed to deliver sound, light, and vibration stimulation to enhance sleep. We combine this technology with classic cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia for a new type of sleep improvement therapy. We call this new type of therapy, SleepSpace Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Our focus

1. Accurate sleep tracking through wearable devices, the SleepSpace Smart Bed, and subjective reporting
2. Sound, light, and vibration to improve sleep
3. Connecting the smart bedroom
4. Providing a platform for sleep experts to deliver custom sleep programs

Our Team


Dr. Dan Gartenberg, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO

Dr. Gartenberg is a sleep scientist with a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology. He is currently CEO of SleepSpace and an adjunct professor at Penn State University in the Department of Biobehavioral Health. After developing sleep improvement technology for 15 years, Dr. Gartenberg and his team received more than $3 million in grant awards from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Aging. The goal of this important work is to solve one of our age’s most important healthcare problems affecting billions of people around the world - poor sleep health.

Daniel is an inventor with 4 patents, 10s of peer-reviewed publications, and a viral TED TALK with over 4 million views. Dr. Gartenberg and his technology have been featured on the Today Show, Gizmodo, NY Times, The Washington Post, Quartz, NPR, Pop Sugar, CNN Business, Reuters, Get The Gloss, Marie Claire, Discoveries and Breakthroughs Inside Science, DC Inno, APA Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Sleep Review Magazine, Entrepeneur.com, Business Insider, Lonely Planet, and App Picker. LinkedIn Twitter


Melissa Mueller
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

With over 2 decades of experience as a product designer. Melissa is passionate about taking digital products from concept to launch. This includes developing the vision and strategy, conducting user research, creating user journeys and experience maps, translating business requirements into elegant user interfaces, creating and maintaining brand standards, and championing the user experience. She received her BA in Psychology from Stanford University and graduated with honors. She also studied graphic design at Art Center College of Design. LinkedIn


Melissa Markovitz
Chief Operating Officer

10 years experience in corporate sales and revenue growth. Melissa has worked for startups in addition to fortune 1000 cybersecurity companies building out their sales pipeline. She is also a palates instructor and nutritionist that believes sleep to be the backbone of health and wellness. LinkedIn

Investors and Advisors


Martin Babinec
Founder of Trinet


Jeff Finkle
Chairman of Arc Angels


Amy Coveny
Managing Partner of Quake Capital


Dave Asprey
CTO and Co-founder of Basis
& Founder of Bulletproof


Randall Evens, MD


Valorie Wolfe, Ph.D.
Lead Psychologist

Kaiser Permanente Medical Group



Daniel Taylor, Ph.D.
Professor, Sleep Doctor
University of Arizona


Orfeu Buxton, Ph.D.
Penn State Professor


Margeaux Grey, Ph.D.
Assistant Research Professor at Penn State, Registered Sleep


Sarah E. Emert, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Research Fellow University of Arizona


Samantha Marie Nagy, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Research Fellow University of Arizona


Dan Roberts Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Research Fellow Penn State University