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After 100s of consultations with clients, we created our proprietary sleep assessment that also includes the consensus sleep diary. Set your goals and discover if you are a Jumpy Kitty, Half Awake Dolphin, Workhorse, Versatile Octopus, Sleepy Koala, Night Owl, or a Morning Lark. At the end of the assessment, you will receive key stats about your sleep, including your ideal bedtime, sleep efficiency, and customized feedback around your unique biological rhythms.

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This survey will help us tailor our feedback to you if you choose to do a sleep consultation with us. During our sleep coaching, we delve deep into practical ways that you can improve your sleep with simple changes to your environment and habits.

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We provide you the sleep assessment and your sleep dashboard free of charge. You can access your dashboard by logging in here. The dashboard allows you to track your progress over time. It is perfectly normal for sleep to change as we age. People also go through different periods of time in their life based on external pressure that you push someone from being a night owl to a morning lark. This is totally normal and natural!


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One of our common sleep animals is the Work Horse. The Work Horse characterizes the many Americans who simply work too hard and are sleep-deprived. Some project that this accounts for as many as 40% of all adults. Here is a more detailed description of a typical workhorse. The best thing for these individuals is to prioritize sleep in their schedules. Even a 20-minute power nap can help. Feel free to post your sleep animal to instagram and tag us with #sleepanimal

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Get personalized feedback from more than 20 sleep coaches and specialists who have expertise in guiding you in your sleep challenges. Start by taking the quiz and then we will connect you with a specialist that is right for you. We can also help guide you to get diagnosed and treated for insomnia and sleep apnea!

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