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According to the CDC, “sleep deprivation is a public health epidemic” with 1 in 3 adults not getting quality sleep. Sleep deprivation costs the US workforce $63.2B per year. On average, the cost to employers of poor sleep is $6K per employee. ROI of sleep often includes measuring gains and losses in absenteeism, accidents and health care claims. To solve sleep problems, 53% of employers are implementing sleep and meditation programs. We are the world’s first sleep operating system, backed by $3.5 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health. Our Sleep Challenge program has shown improvements in sleep quality in as little as 1 week. We invite you to learn more about SleepSpace for your company.
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Workplace stress causes poor rest. One study revealed, 43% of employees say their job negatively impacts their stress levels & sleeping habits. We spend almost a third of our lives at work and another third of our lives sleeping. What if our workplace and our sleep space worked together for optimal performance?

SleepSpace is here to help your business be the solution, not the problem. How? We provide a turnkey corporate sleep program that results in high enrollment and measured outcomes. Contact us to see a demo of our proven solution. SleepSpace uses cutting-edge technology and validated methods to promote deeper sleep and healthy work/life balance. SleepSpace empowers everyone to access their highest human potential with sleep as their greatest ally.
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Here is a sneak peak of an online presentation for you to see how we can help your company optimize sleep for any executive, employee, department, or across the enterprise.
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Free Sleep Health Score
Gain instant access to an online digital sleep assessment for your employees that reveals a personalized sleep health score, complete with recommendations created by sleep scientists for ideal bedtime, what to do about sleep debt, and how to address various sleep issues like jetlag and problems falling asleep. The self-assessment is 90% effective when paired with SleepSpace’s app and digital sleep diary in flagging life changing solutions. By accurately measuring your sleep, you can understand how to improve it.
Sleep ROI Dashboard
We setup and share an executive dashboard, so you have a “sleep pulse” on how your employees are sleeping for your peace of mind. No personally identifiable data is shared. We also can understand, predict and act on key insights and measure gains (or losses) in sleep impacting your business and their health and wellness. This transparency and accountability provides a critical link between Human Resources and Finance to support a healthy organizational culture committed to the health and wellness of its workforce.
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Corporate Wellness Sleep Challenge
Corporate Wellness Sleep Challenge helps to level-up your employees awareness, education and ultimately shifts sleep patterns, resulting in your personal best night of sleep.📈 The Corporate Sleep Challenge can be 7, 14 or 30-days and often includes: Personalized Sleep Assessment, 50+ Automated Sleep Journeys, Integration with Various Warables, Smart Bedroom Synchronization, Private Online Support Groups, Deep Discounts on Sleep-Aids, Dr. Snooze: 24/7 Live Chat Support and Connect With Our Team of Live Coaches.
Connected Sleep
Your Smart Bedroom
Gift your employees SleepSpace and upgrade their home environments to be fully connected, smart bedrooms. SleepSpace integrates all the best tools to optimize sound, light, and relaxation environments. SleepSpace can be a stand alone app on your phone in your bedroom. Or fully integrated with various wearables including Oura Ring, Apple Watch, Whoop as well as nearables like Amazon Alexa, LIFX bulbs, and Eight Mattress. We work with all the best sleep solutions available, like True Dark Glasses, Kin Euphorics, and YouAreWhatYouSleep bedding. We’ll help you navigate how small changes in your daytime and bedtime rituals, wake-up routines, lighting and sound environment make a big difference on your best night’s rest.
Why sleep matters to the board room
CFO’s love that the ROI of better sleep can be financially measured by gains and losses in absenteeism, accidents, health care claims, happiness and productivity.
Why sleep matters to Human Resources
Human Resources love that employees self-report a boost in overall well-being from better sleep and credit the company for a favorited corporate wellness initiative.
Why sleep matters to your employees
Employees love the scientifically proven benefits of better sleep including lower stress and anxiety, greater focus and productivity, better memory recall, improved immune systems, easier weight loss, stronger heart and a longer lifespan.
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Thankfully, we can now solve the majority of sleep issues with our advanced science and proven sleep solutions. Our mission is to end needless suffering through sleeplessness. Our innovative technology, scientific method, and holistic approach to sleep is what enables us to stand apart from the rest. The world’s leading sleep experts are at your fingertips. We can’t wait to hear how better sleeping will positively impact corporate performance.
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“Our 2020 Sleep challenge helped thousands sleep better. I'm pumped to roll it out to hundreds of thousands in 2021."
Dave Asprey
CEO of BulletProof Radio
Who are SleepSpace?
Dr. Daniel Gertenber, CEO & Founder of SleepSpace gave a viral Ted Talk in 2017 entitled “The Brain Benefits of Deep Sleep - And How To Get More Of It”. Since then SleepSpace has been awarded $3.5M in grants from National Institute of Health to conduct one of the largest studies on how to improve sleep and solve issues like insomnia. SleepSpace also has corporate contracts with leading companies like LIFX smart bulbs, working alongside Google Smart Home to create the smart bedroom of the future with ideal sound, light, and temperature environments. We have shown that our solution can dramatically improve sleep over as short as a 2 week period. That is why leading companies like Facebook also offer SleepSpace as an employee benefit.
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