Demo of New SleepSpace Features

Redesign of Apple Watch Experience with Apple Health Integration: We redesigned our sleep score with accurate measures of awakenings at night, sleep stages, and the sound fluctuations in the room. Our algorithm on the Apple Watch was scientifically validated in the journal Sleep and now pushes the output of this algorithm to Apple Health sleep analysis in order to more accurately give Apple Health users accurate data on their sleep efficiency and times asleep.

New Sleep Scoring for iPhone Only Users: We found that more than 80% of our users don’t use their Apple Watch during sleep, often because they charge the watch at night. So we created an improved experience for iPhone only users by accessing granular motion data from the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope along with sound data collected in the bedroom. We can now detect micro-motions when the person rolls over to give more accurate sleep feedback to these users. All this information can also be edited by the user in our sleep diary.

Dr. Snooze AI Chatbot for Personalized Sleep Feedback: One of the main issues we identified in our sleep coaching sessions with 100s of clients is that people struggle with interpreting their data and finding actionable ways to improve their sleep. Yet, there are many low hanging fruit solutions, such as having a relaxation ritual and changing the way people think about their sleep when they form maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. That’s why we created a virtual chatbot that addresses people’s most common sleep issues and helps them navigate their sleep data. This addresses the issue of orthosomnia (covered by the NYTimes), and which is problematic for other sleep apps. Access Dr. Snooze now!

IoT Integration and App Redesign: Our optimal bedtime reminder notification is now more accessible, along with our smart light, Siri Shortcut, and wearable integration. We also adjusted the color scheme and improved the smart wake functionality in our novel Sleep Journey feature.