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SleepSpace Score including time asleep, wake ups, sleep latency, efficiency, and timing.

Guided Sleep Programs

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Sleep Programs are customized sleep experiences that unlock personalized solutions for your sleep health. This includes daily content found in the Today Screen (pictured above), daily survey questions that are most relevant to your sleep challenge, new AI chatbots, and even discounts on products that can improve your sleep forever.

Everyone who downloads SleepSpace gets our default program called "Journey to Deeper Sleep," which is a 6-week course on the best ways to improve your sleep quality. There are many other programs available, customized based on your sleep needs.

An illustration of the smart sound machine played in SleepSpace for enhancing regenerative delta sleep and that uniquely adjusts sounds based on your sleep stage.

Deep Sleep Sound Machine

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SleepSpace is the only app that adjusts sounds throughout the night based on sleep cycles to increase regenerative deep sleep. We do this by adjusting a smart sound machine, in addition to delta wave pulses, based on your sleep state (click here for more information). Every 30-seconds SleepSpace can measure what state of sleep your our in and adjust the sound pressure accordingly. We do this to more effectively block out noise pollution like snoring and to deepen your sleep.

AI-Based Sleep Coaching

How to do it

Dr. Snooze™ is an Artificially Intelligent (AI) chatbot built by leading Sleep Doctors, Scientists and Technicians to expertly answer your questions. Ask questions and get answers immediately on how to best improve your sleep. Dr. Snooze is like having a sleep coach in your pocket. Almost every sleep challenge can be addressed with Dr. Snooze and our team of coaches. Dr. Snooze includes 24/7 sleep support for your most pressing sleep challenges

Dr. Snooze AI chatbot that provides tailored solutions to improve sleep health based on your unique sleep patterns.

Advanced Sleep Tracking

Demonstration of sleep staging data form SleepSpace including wake, REM, light, and deep.

How to do it

When you download SleepSpace and allow either Apple Health or Google Fit access it automatically syncs with various apps and devices you have previously used. You can even compare sleep data from different devices. Devices we integrate with include Oura Ring, Whoop, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Eight Sleep, Biostrap, and more. But keep in mind that SleepSpace can also work with only the sensors of your phone. No need to wear anything while you sleep to track your sleep! (learn more here). 


Soothing Meditations

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SleepSpace includes the best sound experiences that we have designed after more than a decade of studying what works best for issues with falling asleep, staying asleep, and relaxing a racing mind. You can customize the duration and timing of these sounds experiences (see a list of our top sleep sounds here). 

Diagram of a typical circadian rhythm that includes time on the x-axis and energy on the y-axis and that is broken up into five segments: 1) Wake Up Window, 2) First Peak, 3) Midday Dip (siesta), 4) Second Peak, and 5 Evening Wind Down

Circadian Optimization

How to do it

The circadian optimizer helps you visualize your body’s alertness and natural rhythms. It shows your estimated alertness based on 3 important processes: 1) circadian rhythms, 2) sleep need and 3) sleep inertia (grogginess when waking). This chart gives you insights on the best times to do different activities like sleep and exercise. Unlocking the science behind your unique circadian rhythm will help you optimize your energy throughout the day.