Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The recommended treatment for many sleep issues is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), or changing your habits and patterns to promote sleep health. Recent evidence has shown that electronic web-based CBT can be beneficial, but please see a medical professional if you think you have a disease. The solutions outlined below may be more or less relevant to your particular sleep need. But just knowing the rules to promoting healthy sleep can give you the tools you’ll need and a big head start on being your most productive self.

There are 4 major aspects to CBT:

Sleep Hygiene

Habits that everyone should know in order to improve your sleep quality.

Stimulus Control

Associate your bed with sleeping – save the bed for sleep and sex only.

Relaxation CBT

Relaxing sounds and meditation techniques to deactivate the flight or fight response and the always on mentality that many of us are currently suffering from.

Sleep Myth Busters

Discover how to think differently about your sleep to overcome maladaptive thoughts that can negatively impact your sleep quality.

Insomnia - When you can't sleep