Track your sleep with our digital sleep diary


If you don't want to measure your sleep with a device, use our digital sleep diary to log your time in bed, sleep time, awakenings and more. This is especially important when working with a sleep specialist or if you find that sleep trackers are not as accurate as the subjective experience of your sleep. Our digital sleep diary is based on the Consensus Sleep Diary - a standardized sleep diary created by sleep experts around the world.

If you'd like to see your sleep diary data on the Score screen, without any data from devices, simply turn on Diary Focused Feedback in your settings.

Turning on diary focus mode within the iPhone app is especially useful when dealing with the issue of "Orthosomnia." Orthosomnia occurs when feedback from sleep tracking devices causes unnecessary anxiety about one's sleep. By entering your sleep diary before you see your sleep stats from wearable and nearable devices, the more accurate the understanding of your sleep can be.

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