How to use SleepSpace with a human sleep specialist or AI Sleep Coach

Deeper Sleep Starts Tonight

SleepSpace works best with a sleep specialist or coach, especially for certain types of sleep challenges. These include issues falling asleep and staying asleep, a racing mind at night, and optimizing your circadian rhythm and sleep environment for improved performance in life and work. Your coach can tailor the app to your needs based on your 1-on-1 consult. Below are some tips on how to best use SleepSpace when working with a sleep specialist.  

Download SleepSpace 

Download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to get our advanced sleep detection and enhancement features. If you're on a computer, you can access our web portal by logging in (upper right of this screen). This gives you access to our sleep assessment and the consensus sleep diary. The web portal and the mobile app work together to improve your coaching sessions such that your coach can give more personalized feedback.

Download SleepSpace on Apple iPhoneDownload SleepSpace on Android

Create an account

Complete our onboarding process where we walk you through all the SleepSpace features. Then create a confidential account. The information we collect on you is only used to improve your sleep and our AI technology. No personally identifiable information is sold to third parties. You can delete your account information at anytime by sending us an email.


Enable tracking and notification access

We use Apple Health and the microphone on your iPhone to accurately measure your sleep. We also use the notifications system within your iPhone to give you custom reminders that you can control on the best times to wind down, fall asleep, wake up, and enter sleep information into your sleep diary. Make sure SleepSpace gets access to these features of your phone. 

Enable Dairy Focused Feedback (optional)

We recreated the consensus sleep diary in digital form. This is a validated tool used in the field to accurately measure problems falling asleep and staying asleep. This issue is typically defined by spending less than 85% of the time that you are in bed asleep. The sleep diary will help you evaluate if you have this issue and is often used by sleep specialists and coaches to evaluate your progress. By turning this feature on, the diary reminder will occur at the time you designate every day, and will continue to notify you every 15 minutes until you complete the diary. It is best to complete your sleep diary <1 hour after you wake up in the morning.


Complete your sleep assessment

Tap the gear icon in the upper right of the Today screen to access your settings, then click My Sleep Animal to complete our 5-minute sleep assessment. Are you a Jumpy Kitty, Half Awake Dolphin, Workhorse, Versatile Octopus, Sleepy Koala, Night Owl, or a Morning Lark? We created your sleep animal based on hundreds of consultations navigating the major issues when it comes to our sleep health. The assessment also includes your first sleep diary entry for the day. At the end of the assessment, you will receive key stats about your sleep, including your ideal bedtime, sleep efficiency, and customized feedback around your unique biological rhythms.

Start tracking your sleep tonight

SleepSpace enables you to play customized sounds throughout the night designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep all night, and wake up gradually with a smart alarm. One of the most popular sleep journeys is ocean waves for falling asleep, dynamic pink noise throughout the night to block out noise pollution, and the 528 hertz sounds that gradually goes off over a 9 minute period to wake you up refreshed in the morning. When you are ready to start winding down, simply press the Start Sleeping button on the sleep journey that is best for you. Feel free to modify your wake up alarm, or turn off the alarm to awaken completely naturally.

SleepSpace Recovery Score including awakenings, sleep efficiency, fall asleep time, sleep duration, and wake up time, where you can get sleep staging from apple watch or accurately measure sleep with any smart phone

See your detailed Sleep Score

When you awaken in the morning you will receive a detailed analysis on your sleep, factors that impacted your sleep, like disrupting sounds in the room, and if you have an Apple Watch, your sleep stages and your heart rate data. Dr. Snooze AI then delivers you custom suggestions based on your data.

Dr. Snooze AI Chatbot provides you with 24/7 sleep support to address morning brain fog and connect you with a sleep coach who can solve your sleep problems

Troubleshoot with Dr. Snooze AI

Do you want to dive deep into improving your sleep. We have troubleshooted the best solutions with hundreds of sleep coaching sessions, scientists, and clinicians to create Dr. Snooze AI. Click on the coach icon and "Ask Dr. Snooze" to get real-time feedback and optionally connect with trained sleep coaches. Having trouble using the app? Dr. Snooze can help.

See your weekly stats

Based on the data that SleepSpace collects, every week on Sunday you will receive an email regarding how well you slept and our estimate of your body's naturally occurring circadian rhythm. Track your sleep for at least 2 nights in order to receive more accurate data. The circadian rhythm graph (right) shows you the best times to fall asleep, wake up, engage in work, take a nap, and wind down.


Create a backup alarm

Work with your sleep coach to figure out the best time for your backup alarm, found in the Sleep Settings accessible from the gear in the upper right of the Today screen. The backup alarm will go off every day at the same time to ensure you never wake up past a certain time.