Sounds for Sleeping, Relaxing and Waking Up Refreshed

Sample Sounds Found Within the SleepSpace App that Dynamically Adjust White Noise to Relax the Mind and Deepen Sleep


Sounds for Sleeping

At SleepSpace, we believe in the power of sound and special vibrational frequencies to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed. Whether its rain sounds, fan noises, ocean waves, 528 Hertz, meditations, breathwork, or other nature sounds - SleepSpace has you covered.

Here is a sample from our library of over 50 sounds available in the SleepSpace app. You can design your own Sleep Journey with sounds for winding down, sounds to block disruptive noise at night and sounds to wake up gradually so you feel refreshed. SleepSpace is the only app that seamlessly transitions your from a wind down, to a smart sound machine, and finally a gradual wake up alarm clock. Uniquely, we also adjust the sound machine and play a delta wave frequency to further enhance sleep. See more sound and meditations here

Sample our sounds:
Meditations, Nature Sounds, Tones,
Sound Masks (i.e. white noise and pink noise),
Gentle Wake Ups


Relax the mind and body with Yoga Nidra at night. One of the most successful ways to address a racing mind at night. Practiced and refined over 100s of years. Told by the expert Yogi Pablo Lucero.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is used by many sleep clinicians to stop a racing mind. Use this guided meditation to relieve stress, fall asleep and reduce pain.

Go for a walk on the beach in this sleep story that brings peace and contentment. Explore an island paradise and rest inside a cozy hammock. Get in touch with your breath, heart, & purpose. Told by Vika Viktoria.

The conscious control of breathing can release tension and pain in your body. Get ready for the amazing healing powers of your breath! Guided by Pablo Lucero.

Explore the wonders of outer space in this vivid visualization of the cosmos. Feel your body float amongst the stars, inhaling the moonlight, & washing away the worries of the day. Told by Vika Viktoria.

Remember how good a walk in the woods felt? Explore the freedom of nature and discover a violet waterfall. Take a dip in the water and wash away negative energy from the day. Told by Vika Viktoria.

Nature Sounds

Imagine you are in a beautiful desertscape with the sound of wind and crickets soothing you to sleep. Pre-modern humans regularly slept with the sound of insects for a more rhythmic ambiance.

Before the invention of the lightbulb, humans slept near a fire. Simulate falling asleep in front of a warm fire with this soothing sound mask to help block out an over-active mind.

Remember how good a walk in the woods felt? Explore the freedom of nature and discover a violet waterfall. Take a dip in the water and wash away negative energy from the day. Told by Vika Viktoria.

Let the sound of a light forest rain falling through the trees soothe you to sleep. No thunder in this soothing drizzle taken from a rainforest in Brazil.

Drift into sleep with the sound of steady rain on your rooftop. This sounds helps you feel immersed in comfort similar to the protection that cave's used to offer our ancestors. This sound mask has an organic, natural feel.

The sound of running water has a calming effect on our minds and bodies. This sound can be used as a sound mask for sleeping or for relaxation.


Called the "love frequency” by creator Dr. Horowitz, this sound is all about cultivating connection for the heart and spirit. Play this sound for relaxation and oneness.

Listening to 432 Hz, known as the miracle tone, resonates coherence in your body and releases tension. Meditate on this tone to clear your mind.

Invigorate your mind with Chimes created by our in-house Yogi Pablo. These are great to add for your wakeup routine or when you are feeling an afternoon lull in energy.


Use this sound to block out the snores of a disruptive sleep partner. This sound mask is specifically designed to block out the frequency of a snore.

Sounds of the city have been known to soothe people to sleep, especially if you have gotten used to them. This sound is much like a traditional sound mask, but with a more city-like cadence.

Tinnitus is a ringing in the ear that can keep you up at night. You can help block out this ringing with our tinnitus mask that matches the frequency of the ringing in the ear. This sound is in no way a treatment for tinnitus.

Wake Ups

Wake up with a positive mindset in this short meditation to ease your awareness into a peaceful consciousness. Savor your breath and your day with positivity, curiosity, and bliss - every day. Told by our expert Yogi Pablo.

Have a great rising and wake up relaxed and at peace with energizing Yoga Nidra in the morning. One of the best ways to have your most elevated consciousness throughout the day is by create a calming morning ritual. Told by the expert Yogi Pablo Lucero.