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SleepSpace Coach on the iPhone and Apple Watch

Enter “Dave” for 30 days free!

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SleepSpace Coach on the iPhone and Apple Watch

Sleep Deeper & Wake Refreshed

Enter “Dave” for 30 days free! iPhone Download
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iPhone Instructions:

Dave Asprey and SleepSpace (formerly Sonic Sleep) have collaborated to bring you accurate sleep tracking and improvement for FREE in the first 30 days of using SleepSpace. Simply download SleepSpace with the link below and type “Dave” to get the free promotion :).

Simply click the link below to download SleepSpace on the App Store. Then sign up and navigate to the profile section of the app. This is located at the bottom right of the navigation bar of the app and we have provided the image on the right for guidance. Click on the third option, “Sleep Challenge” and enter the code “Dave” in the Promo Code field

Then register for SleepSpace premium and you can cancel anytime in the first 30 days free of charge.

iPhone Download Android Download

Discover Your Sleep Animal Free
  • After 100s of consultations with clients, we created our proprietary sleep assessment that also includes the consensus sleep diary. Set your goals and discover if you are a Jumpy Kitty, Half Awake Dolphin, Workhorse, Versatile Octopus, Sleepy Koala, Night Owl, or a Morning Lark. At the end of the assessment, you will receive key stats about your sleep, including your ideal bedtime, sleep efficiency, and customized feedback around your unique biological rhythms.

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