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• Tracks sleep with any smartphone 
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• Integrate w/ major wearables (Oura, Whoop, Apple Watch, etc)
• SleepSpace Smart Bed for next-level improvement and enter promo code "Asprey10" to get 10% off the smartbed platform that blocks EMF, tracks sleep, and plays deep sleep stimulation sounds. 
• Smart alarm clock to awaken in a lighter sleep
• Circadian optimizer gives your energy peaks
• Includes meditations, breathwork, relaxing tones, and more
• Personalized 6-week sleep improvement program
• Connect with live coaches for personalized insights

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SleepSpace Smart Bed and Phone Charger

Turn your Smart Phone into a Smart Bed. Accurately measure your sleep using our proprietary 'nearable' sleep sensing technology. Then enhance your sleep using the science of sound, light, and vibrations.Why not get more out of charging your phone at night?

     * Turn a phone into a smart bed
     * Easy wireless charging while blocking EMF
     * Deep sleep and dream enhancing tech
     * Accurately measure snoring and noise pollution
     * Includes 1-year of SleepSpace software

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Learn About the SleepSpace Smart Bed

The science of sound, light and vibration

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary using SleepSpace’s smart bedroom technology.  This includes our patented smart sound mask, tones for deeper sleep, and vibrations to naturally slow the heart. Integrate with smart light bulbs that mimic the sun when your alarm clock sounds in the morning. Our sleep enhancing tools strengthen your circadian health, which is proven to improve sleep quality.

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