Benefits of the SleepSpace Smart Bed

Get more out of charging your smart phone at night

Imagery of how the SleepSpace Smart Bed and Phone Charger works in order to charge your phone at night and more precisely play deep sleep stimulating sounds on your side of the bed.

Block EMF, Address Phone Addiction, and Enhance Sleep

After receiving grants from the National Institute of Aging (NIA) to improve Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, we realized there were 3 major problems with current sleep solutions:

  1. Most solutions simply track sleep, but we want to augment sleep with sound, light, and vibrations. In order to play sleep enhancing sounds precisely, there needs to be a way to keep the phone close and in the same position every night.

  2. About 40% of people who have sleep issues do not like to wear something at night.

  3. Many people are concerned about the electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) of their phone and phone addiction. The science has also shown that using phones at night can cause circadian disruption, which is harmful to sleep quality. 

This is why Dr. Gartenberg invented the SleepSpace Smart Bed, which finally uses technology to help, and not hurt your sleep quality. 

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Placement of SleepSpace Smart Bed for different sleep challenges

Demonstration of ideal locations for placing the SleepSpace Smart Bed and MagSafe charger.

There are two recommended locations for the SleepSpace Smart Bed:
Head of the Bed: For more precise delivery of sounds and a convenient way to use your phone as a flashlight if you get up in the middle of the night. If you are concerned about EMF, we designed the smart bed using premium aluminum material (similar to Apple Products). Such material reflects EMF away from your bed.
Foot of the Bed: If you frequently use your phone at night or you are particularly concerned about EMF, we recommend placing the smart bed at the foot of the bed, out of reach. Putting your phone out of reach and out of site makes you less likely to grab for it at night. While we tested that there is no detectable exposure of EMF in either position, the foot of the bed location further addresses this concern because EMFs decrease exponentially with distance. 
With a Sleep Partner: If you sleep with a partner, we recommend purchasing two smart beds. This enables SleepSpace's sleep enhancing sounds to be tailored to each sleeper and for sleep to be more accurately tracked. 

Other reasons to try the SleepSpace Smart Bed

Picture of the SleepSpace Smart Bed in use where it is also controlling the brightness of a light and playing soothing sounds.

We built the most advanced sleep tracking technology because of our focus to not just track sleep, but improve sleep quality. This includes our patented smart sound mask, tones for deeper sleep, and vibrations to naturally slow the heart (when paired with Apple Watch). Integrate with smart light bulbs that mimic the sun with your smart alarm clock that is designed to awaken you in lighter sleep.

What makes the smart bed so accurate? We measure micro-motions through the mattress based on an algorithm that was built from 1000s of nights of gold standard polysomnography data. Many wearables don't detect when you decide to go to bed and wake up accurately (important sleep statistics to your health), but we solve this with our innovative way of detecting when the phone is in the cradle in order to determine your bedtime window.

Want even better accuracy? The Smart Bed includes a 1-year free trial to SleepSpace, which integrates with most devices and includes our highly accurate sleep staging algorithm on Apple Watch and a proprietary way of merging data from different sources.

Don't like the Smart Bed? We offer a 30-day refund policy. So you have nothing to lose on trying our novel technology!

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