How to Use Sounds to Improve Your Concentration

Pink Noise, Green Noise, Brown Noise, White Noise and our Patented Smart Sound Machine

Play sounds while you work

Did you know that playing brown noise while performing a cognitive task was recently shown to help people with ADHD? A research group in Western Norway University showed that brown noise in particular, improved performance on memory and language tasks. Here is a link to some of the research findings on this topic. 


How SleepSpace Uses Sound for Enhanced Concentration

That's why we made brown, pink, white, and green noise more accessible from within the SleepSpace app. Now these sounds can be quickly accessed from the today screen so you can play them to boost your concentration at work.

Recommendations for pink, brown, green, and white noise:

- We recommend using the dynamic sound mask throughout the night to effectively block out noise pollution and get deeper sleep. This sound is a combination of the different frequencies to be more pleasant during the night. We are the only app that adjusts sounds during sleep based on your sleep stage in order to enhance deep sleep. We call this a "Smart Sound Machine."
- Try brown noise or green noise to focus during the day.
- As an alternative to the dynamic mask, try the pink noise (better for older hearing).

Try it today on Android and the Apple App Store.

See the research

The Washington Post published an article about this research, that can be found here