The SleepSpace Smart Phone Charger and Light Bulb


A new way to sleep

Turn your Smart Phone into a Smart Bed. Accurately measure your sleep using our proprietary nearable sleep sensing technology. Then enhance your sleep using the science of sound, light, and vibrations. Also, block EMF at night while charging your phone!

Why not get more out of charging your phone at night?
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Seamlessly connect with your smart lights and get them to turn off by simply charging your phone at night. This triggers your Sleep Journey - a series of sounds & light designed to make your sleep deeper. Optionally connect with our AI chatbot Doctor Snooze or trained sleep specialists that can offer you tailored solutions that will improve your sleep.

No more fumbling around at night to charge your phone. Get the most ergonomic phone charger that hides a messy looking cord. Included is a universal wireless charger compatible with all major smart phones and an adaptor to hold a MagSafe charger. The aluminum casing shields the bed from electromagnetic frequencies that can emanate from your phone.

Included with the purchase is a 1-year free subscription to SleepSpace: The First Sleep Operating System. Includes the most
  - Accurate sleep tracking
  - Integration with major wearables
  - Sleep enhancement interventions using smart sound and light.

Two people? Get two Smart Beds and save!

Do you sleep with a partner? Attaching a Smart Bed to each side of your mattress is ideal for couples. Each device can effectively measure motion of the closest sleeper. In addition, sounds are targeted to both sides. Get a 2-Pack Smart Bed Bundle at a reduced price!


Works together with the SleepSpace app

The SleepSpace Smart Bed comes with a 1-year subscription to SleepSpace ($39.99 value). The software includes 50+ wind downs and meditations experiences and a smart alarm clock that can awaken you in a lighter sleep phase. Available for both Apple and Android, the technology syncs with most wearables for more high-fidelity sleep tracking and also uses your phone's built in sensors. Measure sleep stages, snoring, phone usage, and more.

Get the Smart Bed

Includes a LIFX Smart Bulb

Wake up with the sun

Smart Light Features
✔️ Sunrise wake up
✔️ Awaken in lighter sleep
✔️ Sunset wind down
✔️ Set lights to any color
✔️ Save money on electricity
✔️ Works in any light fixture
✔️ Proven to help with sleep

Get the Smart Bed

Smart Alarm Clock
A smart sunrise alarm clock awakens you in a lighter stage of sleep, reducing morning brain fog. By waking you up gradually, you are more likely to get the sleep you need and wake up in lighter sleep. You can simply shake your phone in order to snooze your alarm clock in order to get back to sleep faster. 

Scientific Validation
We recently conducted a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) using the SleepSpace Smart Bed system alongside trained therapists and showed that the combined system was used effectively for people with sleep problems. We also showed that it can accurately measure sleep with extensive research development and proprietary machine learning models. To learn more about how SleepSpace is the most sophisticated sleep improvement technology available, visit our Science and R&D page

Smart Light Integration
The SleepSpace Smart Bed can also integrate with LIFX Smart Bulbs in order to create red-light wind down experiences with ocean waves or a relaxation exercise, or smart wake ups with lights. The smart wake up can entail simulating a sunrise in the morning - the way that humans naturally woke up for hundreds of thousands of years. The light can gradually fade over 5 minutes to 1 hour from a red hue to a bright white light.

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