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I believe that you are gonna produce more efficiently if you are not sleep deprived

“Sleeping Your Way to Superhuman Lifespan Before We Become Cyborgs ” The Disruptor with Matt Ward

We discuss:

* How wearable and quantified self-movement will change what it means to be human
* The science of sleep, longevity, and disease
* Why Dan’s dedicated his life to optimizing sleep and life
* The truth about sleeping hacking and biphasic sleep
* Why your lights and life may be killing you
* How phones and social media are screwing up our kids
* What’s the cutting edge of personalized health
* How to live longer and healthier
* The reason we’re all going to be cyborgs anyway
* Why it’s hard to build a wearable tech company
* The importance of the 90-minute sleep cycle
* What elite biohackers are doing to win