Seamlessly sync to Oura Ring and other wearables

Picture of the Oura Ring tracker where SleepSpace can seamlessly integrate with the Oura Ring and improve upon its data.

It is now super easy to integrate SleepSpace with major wearable devices including Oura Ring.

All you need to do is wear your ring and allow HealthKit access to SleepSpace when you download the app. You will be able go see all your Oura data over a day, week, and month, wrapped within the SleepSpace analysis engine. Uniquely, SleepSpace can modify your Oura Recovery score based on your unique sleep need. You can see how SleepSpace calculates recovery here. You can also view your Oura data beside SleepSpace data or other wearables. It all works in airplane mode so you can get the both of both SleepSpace and Oura while putting your phone in its place at night.

Using SleepSpace alongside Oura Ring has many advantages including:

* More accurate bedtime / wake times (very important for accurate sleep analyses)
* The ability to measure other key sleep stats, like sound in the room (important for evaluating snoring)
* The ability to use SleepSpace Sounds to push you into a deeper sleep
* Our patent smart alarm clock
* Optimal bedtime notifications based on your unique circadian rhythm
* Improved recovery score analysis based on your unique sleep need.


As you’ll see above, SleepSpace can aggregate data across wearables so you can see how they compare to one another. Different wearables often produce different stats on things like your sleep cycles (i.e. Deep Sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep). You can compare across these wearables using our unique technology. For a full list of devices that SleepSpace syncs with, see here

If you want even more accurate sleep analyses, you can also sync SleepSpace to your Apple Watch.

What’s more is that we offer personalized coaching over Dr. Snooze AI and our team of coaches to help you fully understand your sleep! Email us if you have any questions on how to integrate SleepSpace with the Oura Ring.