Sonic Sleep in the News

“An App That Can Help You Achieve Deep, High-Quality Sleep” ” Future Tech Podcast

Many people are unaware of how much their environment can impact their sleep; everything from light and temperature to the sounds in the room while sleeping can mean the difference between waking feeling refreshed and able to function at your best, and waking feeling sluggish, unmotivated, or depressed.

Daniel Gartenberg, PhD was practicing as a psychologist about 10 years ago when he shifted his focus toward wanting to change the structure of healthcare in a way that would address the issues that can arise with the one human behavior practiced more than any other: sleep. In his opinion, improving this behavior even just a little bit could have a massive impact on the health of society as a whole.

So what is he doing to achieve this? Gartenberg is the founder of Sonic Sleep Coach, a software platform that uses the best IoT devices available to manipulate sound, light, and temperature to deliver better results than medication can—and without all of the harmful side effects. In addition, the Sonic Sleep Coach app has the ability to collect an enormous amount of data in just a few nights in order to deliver people with customized recommendations about the root causes of their sleep problems and what they can do to address them. Ultimately, people are provided with personalized cognitive behavioral therapy assessments that go far beyond the treatment of mere symptoms.