Carla Butler is on a mission to help people just like you improve their happiness and health by fixing their sleep. Her passion for sleep coaching was sparked by a personal tragedy. After her father passed away due to chronic disease, partly caused by his poor sleep health, Carla knew she needed to take action to protect her own health and longevity

Carla Butler

Women's Health & Wellness Coach, Sleep and Recovery Coach, Brief Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia Practitioner, Oxygen Advantage Instructor

Carla has spent years helping clients worldwide to improve their sleep and ultimately their health and happiness. Carla is the founder of Ora Sleep Coaching and works with private clients, runs public workshops and develops bespoke workshops and seminars for organizations.

1) 25 min call on quick sleep fixes a
2) Personalized sleep analysis
3) 30-Day SleepSpace subscription

1) 50 delve deep into your sleep challenges and get customized feedback
2) Personalized sleep analysis
3) 30-Day SleepSpace subscription

1) Three 50 min sessions where we will get the the heart of your sleep and create customized solutions that are proven to improve your sleep efficiency and sleep quality. We may also connect you with top practitioners.
2) Personalized sleep analysis
3) 1-Year SleepSpace subscription


Single 25 min
Single 50 min
3 Session Optimum Sleep Value Package