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Image of lucid dreaming or targeted memory reactivation where sounds are used to trigger different cognitive states

Deeper sleep with a smart sound machine & alarm clock

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary using SleepSpace’s smart bedroom technology. Our smart sound machine adjusts based on your sleep stage to more effectively block noise pollution and lull you into a deep sleep using our proprietary delta wave frequency. Awaken refreshed in the morning with a smart alarm clock that goes off when you are in a lighter stage of sleep - stopping morning brain fog in its tracks. Optionally connect with smart bulbs like LIFX so that your smart alarm clock mimics the sun. 

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"I love SleepSpace because of its holistic approach to sleep health. I've often recommended yoga nidra as one of the best sleep hacks and red light exposure with dim lighting at night time. The smart sound machine and integration with all major wearables makes this a must have solution for your sleep health."

Ben Greenfield, MA, PhD
Exercise Physiology
NYT Bestselling Author, Triathlete, and Entrepreneur


"If you get one sleep app in 2023, make it SleepSpace. We use it in our Sleep Challenge because of its ability to connect all major wearables and use smart sounds to enhance sleep."

CEO of Bulletproof
Father of Biohacking


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Lead Health Psychologist
Kaiser Permanente