Smart Bed Set-up Instructions



Easily track and improve your sleep with the SleepSpace Smart Bed and Phone Charger. Simply place your phone in the cradle at night and use the SleepSpace app to get high quality feedback on how you are sleeping. SleepSpace then uses the science of sound, light and vibration to help you fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep and wake up refreshed. Gain insights on how to sleep better from our Doctor Snooze AI chatbot and our team of coaches. It’s never been so easy to get a good night’s sleep. 

Get the Smart Bed



Smart Bedroom

Sound, light, and vibration
for better sleep


Tracks Micro-motions & Snoring

No wearable required


Blocks EMF & Hidden Cord

Clean bedroom design


Sleep Tracking

Sleep stages, sleep efficiency,
HRV, cortical arousals
(requires a wearable)


Smart Alarm

Gradual wake during a light
sleep stage, tap/shake to snooze


Wireless Phone Charger

iPhone and Android compatible

Your Sleep Journey


The SleepSpace app uses your sleep and motion data to understand your daily energy levels. Then based on your goals, we recommend an ideal wind down time, bedtime and wake time. When winding down, choose from our library of sounds and meditations to naturally slow your heart rate and prepare you for your sleep journey. While you sleep, play sounds designed to block disruptive noise. Try deep sleep stimulation*, synced to your sleep stages, to make your sleep more regenerative. Use our smart alarm clock to wake up gradually so you feel refreshed. Connect smart bulbs to mimic the sun and entrain your circadian rhythm, a critical part of a good night’s sleep. You can also learn about other solutions and gadgets that are compatible with SleepSpace and can further improve your sleep quality here

*Apple Watch required



Set-up Your Smart Bed



Place the cradle foot on top of the smart phone cradle, notch side down. Secure the cradle foot from the bottom, using the screws (Phillips screwdriver required).



If using the black universal charger (included), pull the cord through the round slot in the front of the cradle and snap it directly into the Smart Bed. This charger is compatible with all major smart phones including: iPhone 12/11/8,Pro Max/XS/XR/X/iPad Pro, Samsung, Galaxy, Pixel.



If using a MagSafe Magnetic Charger (not included), snap the white adapter into the smart phone cradle. Place the provided circular tape in the middle of the adaptor. Run the MagSafe cord through the adaptor and out the back of the Smart Bed. Secure the charger into the white adapter with the tape.



There are a few options for placement of the cradle. Always put the Smart Bed along the side of bed where you sleep. To best target the sound, place it 6 inches from the headboard. If you tend to look at your phone at night, place it 6 inches from the footboard or along the back of the bed, to keep it out of reach.

If sleeping with a partner, the ideal set-up is two Smart Beds — one on either side of the mattress.



Slide the cradle foot either between your mattress and box spring or your mattress and bed frame, on the side of the bed that you tend to sleep.

To best hide the cord, run it under the mattress to the wall socket. Be sure to plug in the charger.



For iPhone users, download the SleepSpace app from the App Store. Open the app and create an account. Open the email sent from with your promo code. Then enter it on the Upgrade to Premium screen. This will unlock a 1-year free subscription (valued at $49.99).



For Android users, download the SleepSpace app from Google Play. Open the app and create an account. Open the email sent from with your promo code. Then enter it on the Upgrade to Premium screen. This will unlock a 1-year free subscription (valued at $39.99).



Start your sleep journey by tapping Today > Go to Bed or Sleep > Start Sleep Journey. If you have a thick phone case, be sure to remove it. Place your phone in the smart bed cradle to start tracking and enhancing your sleep. Look for the icon in the upper right of your phone, to ensure your phone is charging properly.

If you have a wearable device, look for the number next to the heart icon to know your heart rate is being tracked.

Note: To more effectively direct the sound toward you, try placing the phone in the cradle with the speaker pointing up. Choose a volume that is noticeable, but not so loud that you are distracted by it.