A 3-Day Quest Using Circul+ to Measure Breathing Throughout The Night

Dr. Dan Gartenberg, Sleep Scientist, Experiments With The Circul+ Smart Ring

May 2, 2023

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This may very well be the most accurate smart wring or wrist wearable for measuring your breathing and Sp02. It also works alongside of the SleepSpace software. In this tutorial we go over examples of both healthy and unhealthy sleep when it comes to both breathing and sleep quality (i.e. deep sleep and REM sleep). 

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Introductory Review of Circul+

Dr. Dan Gartenberg, Sleep Scientist and Founder of SleepSpace describes his experience with the Circul+ Ring and compares it to other consumer wearables like Oura Ring to evaluate how it rates in detecting important variables related to breathing throughout the night. In this introductory guide for.

Night 1 of Tracking Sleep with Cirul+ Shows Healthy Sleep

Dr. Dan Gartenberg, Sleep Scientist and cognitive psychologist evaluates his data from the first night of using the Circult+. The smart ring indicates that a healthy night of sleep was detected, which was also confirmed by the SleepSpace app. Dr. Gartenberg discusses how an average pulse oxygenation of 95.5% and consistent values above 90% indicate that there was no breathing obstructions for this night of sleep tracking. Dr. Gartenberg describes how the granularity of the Spo2 data is uniquely displayed in the Circul+ experience.

Night 2 of Tracking Sleep Shows Some Worrisome Signs

Dr. Gartenberg, PhD and founder of SleepSpace does a second night of testing with the Circul+ Smart Ring and some issues may have been detected. While this still likely indicates healthy sleep, there is an instance where the pulse oxygenation goes below 85%. There were also a few other instances where the pulse oxygenation seemed to drop. This is an example of being on the fringe of possibly having a problem and motivation to keep monitoring breathing throughout the night. Dr. Gartenberg also describes how the data from Circul+ is uniquely accurate, useful, and more comfortable than other trackers. Uniquely the Circul+ can work on all skin hues per a conversation that Dr. Gartenberg had with Circul+ CEO and this paper that I found (below). Many other wearables do not accurately measure dark hued skin, unfortunately.

Night 3 of Tracking Convinced Me That I Should Get Tested For Mild Sleep Apnea

In this final test, it appears that there may be obstructed breathing throughout the night. I had gained weight recently and my wife was complaining about my snoring on some nights. It seems that there is a high possibility that I periodically have a mild night of sleep apnea. The fact that there are many instances where my breathing goes below 85% of pulse oxygenation, this indicates that there might be a real problem. It looks Dr. Gartenberg's poor breathing, where I'm literally not breathing, happens later on in the night, likely during REM sleep. Some people are more likely to have hypopnea (instances of sleep apnea) during REM sleep. The data also shows low deep sleep and no alcohol was consumed prior to this night of tracking. Dr. Gartenberg will continue to monitor this and his journey to healthy breathing throughout the night.