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“Unlock the Power of Sleep With Dan Gartenberg.” Young and Profiting (YAP)

Millennials are known to be the “always tired” generation. Everyone under the age of 40 seems to be exhausted. And for good reason— we’re working longer hours, taking on second jobs and side hustles, dealing with more competitive environments, glued to screens and phones that zap our mental energy, caring for small children and the list of stressful triggers goes on and on.

In fact, we millennials wear our lack of sleep as a badge of honor. And since sleep deprivation is linked to Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes, we have created a real health crisis for ourselves! To make matters worse, poor sleep impacts us mentally; it reduces our productivity, decreases collaboration, prevents us from making good decisions and even limits our capacity for empathy and humor.

Needless to say, it’s time we millenials unlocked the power of sleep. To do this, we’ve invited Dr. Daniel Gartenberg on the show, a leading sleep scientist who has dedicated the past 10 years helping people get a better night’s rest through his sleep coaching consultancy and innovative sleep apps.

Tune in to learn the function of each sleep stage, how much and how often we should sleep, tips to get better sleep, the best ways to nap, and gain insight on what the future of sleep.