Smart Light Study Instructions

Step 1) Download Google Home from the App Store and connect your LIFX bulbs: CLICK HERE for detailed instructions. Skip this step if you are already connected and can control your lights using your voice with the Google Assistant.
Step 2) Make sure you have at least 1 light bulb in your bedroom and 1 light bold in the room you are typically in before bedtime, such as your dining room or your living room.
Step 3) Download the SleepSpace app by CLICKING HERE.
Step 4) Sign up for SleepSpace using the same email as your LIFX account (Do not sign up with Google, Facebook, or Apple).
Step 5) Connect SleepSpace to Apple Health and allow microphone access in order to accurately measure your sleep.
Step 6) Do not create a sleep journey. Make sure the screen that appears says, “Just Track My Sleep.”
Step 7) Set Bedtime Reminder: Take a moment to think about when you typically go to bed on a workday. Now subtract 30 minutes from that time. This is your ideal time to start winding down, relaxing, and preparing for bed. Set your ideal wind down time in SleepSpace.
Step 8) Set Diary Reminder: As part of the study, we ask that you complete a clinical sleep diary every day. This is a short survey that takes 1-2 minutes. Enable a time in the day that is convenient for you to take the survey (2 hours after your typical wakeup is suggested).
Step 9) Go to the <More> Tab –> Click Sleep Challenge –> Enter ‘LIFX1.’
Step 10) That’s it! Now track your sleep for 1 week. Press the bell button for your nightly instructions. After the first week of tracking your sleep, we will begin to use smart lights to improve your sleep.