Sonic Sleep uses science to help people have a better night’s sleep. We have received grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health to validate our innovative way of accurately measuring sleep and actually improving your sleep quality. We don’t believe in taking a cookie cutter approach to sleep improvement. Instead we give personalized feedback based on each person’s unique sleep situation. Whether that means figuring out their best schedule, helping them feel more alert throughout the day, or optimizing their sleep for intense physical performance. A good night’s sleep sets each person up for success the next day. Our app includes a new technique of making your sleep deeper with a special sound that we play at the right stage of your sleep. This helps you feel more rested and rejuvenated the next day.

Mission Statement

Sonic Sleep is changing sleep culture in our society and training people in how to apply the methods we’ve developed to improve their sleep. We aim to establish a new generation of analytically-minded sleep coaches and spread the idea of sleep being thought of as one of the three parts of the foundation of good health, along with diet and exercise.

Our innovative technology, scientific method, and holistic approach to sleep are what enable us to stand apart from the rest.


With the constant stresses and hustle of life today, humans don’t know what sleep is anymore. More people have sleep problems today than ever before and many people try a lot of gimmicks to try to improve their sleep, which result in little improvement and more stress. Sonic Sleep helps these people understand their unique sleep needs and what they can do to improve their sleep health and well-being, while keeping each individual’s daily schedule demand and lifestyle in mind. We provide customized sleep improvement plans that fit each individual’s life.