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SleepSpace uses the science of sound to improve your sleep every night, reducing the harmful effects that stress cortisol has on your hair.  Get relaxing wind downs, sound blocking technology, and a smart alarm clock that awakens you in lighter sleep. Accurately measure and improve your sleep recovery score by simply placing your phone on a nightstand, mattress, or a patented SleepSpace Smart Bed. For improved accuracy, optionally connect to Whoop, Apple Watch, Oura, and many more. HairBot-AI our artificial-intelligence powered chatbot, and our Certified HairCoaches and Hair Loss Experts can provide personalized tips and treatment recommendations to help improve your hair’s health while leveraging the power of sleep! 

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World renowned hair expert Dr. Alan Bauman Teamed Up with SleepSpace

Healthier hair starts with a good night’s sleep. Harness your body’s clock to rejuvenate your hair with the help of the HairCoach App, powered by SleepSpace. A good night’s sleep has numerous obvious health benefits, but it also lays the foundation for healthy hair rejuvenation habits. Getting the ingredients for a powerful regimen is only part of the solution, the rest is developing habits and consistency over time. Our highly trained HairBot-AI answers common questions about hair loss and treatments, and the HairCoach app keeps you on track with treatment and check-in reminders seamlessly—until your healthy habits of hair rejuvenation are solidified—greatly enhancing your chances of success with your hair restoration regimen.  

Use Alan's special code and cancel any time before the 30 days to not get charged. There is no cost to you to try to improve your sleep health with this limited time offer!

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Deeper sleep with a smart sound machine & alarm clock

Create the perfect sleep sanctuary using SleepSpace’s smart bedroom technology. Our smart sound machine adjusts based on your sleep stage to more effectively block noise pollution and lull you into a deep sleep using our proprietary delta wave frequency. Awaken refreshed in the morning with a smart alarm clock that goes off when you are in a lighter stage of sleep - stopping morning brain fog in its tracks. Optionally connect with smart bulbs like LIFX so that your smart alarm clock mimics the sun. 

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