The world’s leading sleep experts at your fingertips

About our coaches

Daniel Gartenberg PhD has spent 15 years studying the intricacies of sleep and has a PhD in cognitive psychology with a focus on sleep science and biohacking. He has collaborated with leading sleep coaches, scientists, and biohackers to develop customized sleep solutions to address the wide array of sleep challenges that people face. He then found the best coaches in the sleep space and empowered their practices with our sleep tracking and enhancement platform. Our coaches are trained in how to use SleepSpace tracking technology that integrates with various wearables. Your coach then use the data from these devices to create personalized sleep improvement programs for you. Since we’ve already troubleshooted most of the sleep issues there are, we can get marked improvements in as little as 3 session.


Dan and his team use simple, cutting edge solutions to improve every human beings sleep health and refer to one another when a different type of expertise is required. Our sleep coaches have addressed issues like: (a) Problems falling asleep, (b) Problem staying asleep, (c) Athletes and executives optimizing their performance, (d) Sleep training babies, and (e)Issues with snoring.

How we work with clients



One of our coaches will discuss the issues that you have been experiencing with your sleep. Together, we will examine your daily routine and things you have already tried to implement to help improve your sleep.



Through our dialogue, we will identify your sleep issue. We will try to understand what improvements and changes can be made to begin your journey towards attaining better sleep.  Based on your feedback and sleep data, we will customize your environment and entrench your circadian rhythm.



In an email follow-up, we will provide 4-5 actionable interventions designed to improve your sleep and well-being. This will be a personalized guide based on our conversation and provide you the first steps toward bettering your sleep. Lastly, you may choose to have a follow-up sleep consultation to analyze your progress and make any necessary adjustments!